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I recently decided it was time for us to invest in the much talked about Fuji XE-1 for our photography services. I was yet to put it to the test in the field so when an old friend of mine phoned and asked me to take some photos of him as a favor I knew it was time to put the XE-1 through its paces.

This little camera is deceptive. For it’s size it packs some top notch quality. Fuji did away with the low pass filter in their pro CS cameras and developed a sensor that would not suffer Moiré issues when shooting close patterns. The result is INSANE sharpness and fantastic detail.  Colours are rich, deep with plenty of pop – all the while remaining consistent and true to life even when using Auto white balance.

Camera construction is simply beautiful with it’s old school aesthetic which throws you back to the days of shooting film. Dials and knobs ‘click’ and ‘clack’ into place with solid and reliable precision.

The Fujinon glass is nothing short of outstanding. We currently have the 35mm f1.4 and the 18mm f2 available for use and both deliver truly magical results in all measurable fields.

ISO range in RAW goes from 200 to 6400 (expandable from 100 to 25600 when shooting JPG only). Low light performance is outstanding with some of the best high ISO noise performance i’ve EVER seen.

Video with these the fujinon lenses is stunning. It has some downsides like lacking ability to lock shutter speed or ISO – but the quality is outstanding when shooting through with this camera.

The X-E1  is a remarkable little camera that produces fantastic quality images and video. And seriously, once you see what this camera can do, everything else will just be disappointing.

Check out the pictures below of the camera, of the shoot with William and a few other test shots. As soon as I can find some time to put together a little video of test footage from this camera i’ll be sure to post it here first!

- James, Director.

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