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Putting your customers, clients or users in the right direction can be tricky when it comes to distributing your content on large volume data mediums like CD’s, DVD’s, Blu Ray or USB Drives. Navigating folders and folders of file directories isn’t really an option when it comes to professionally presenting your information to an audience.

This is why we provide a simple to use autoplay menu design solution that launches a clear and concise user interface upon loading CD, DVD, Blu Ray or USB Flash media. Autoplay menus are also available as a single .exe distributable for email or web.

Autoplay menus immediately load a custom designed interface after the CD, DVD, Blu Ray or USB key has been inserted into a PC computer. The multi-page menus can be loaded with a range of content, options and commands including

  • Embedded, downloadable or native play video files
  • PDF /office document download or open
  • URL launch
  • Email mailto: launch
  • Embedded webpage boxes
  • Photo gallery
  • Product information
  • Launch installation application
  • and much more!
There are very few limits to the possibilites available within Autoplay menus and they are perfectly suited to these applications
  • Company show-reel presentation
  • Product information and  portfolio
  • Interactive tutorials and demonstrations
  • Software/hardware installation guidance
  • Professional interactive CV
  • Photography portfolio/gallery
Autoplay menus can be packaged up ready duplication and distribution via
  • CD
  • DVD
  • Blu Ray
  • Email (single .exe file)
  • Online (single .exe file)
Menu designs can be produced by us or for added personalisation they can be provided by the you. There is no minimum window size or resolution so options are (almost) limitless!
If you’re interested in the available options or would like to learn more please get in contact.
Example images:






[box style="warning"]Due to the lack of autoplay functionality on Apple Mac operating systems this program will only work with Windows based computers. For more information get in touch.[/box]