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Motion graphic videos and animation are rapidly becoming one of the most effective formats of telling your story. Professional, interesting and contemporary bespoke animated graphics, reinforced by attention grabbing professional voice over create a compelling platform for delivering your message to a broad audience.

What we do for you

  • Assist you in the production of a storyboard and script.
  • Record a professional voice over.
  • Produce a motion graphic animation relevant to the storyboard and voice over.

The end result being a professional bespoke video promoting your brand, service or product.

What you will achieve with online video

  • Professional web optimised motion graphic video ready for easy online distribution and playback.
  • Influence your target market with one of the most compelling mediums available.
  • Promote your brand, product or service through punchy, bespoke animated graphics and descriptive voice over.
  • Increase your brand, product or service’s online visibility through search engine optimised video.
  • Drive sales through increased brand, product or service awareness, consumer confidence and understanding.

All motion graphic work is tailored to your brand, product or service.

If you have any questions about Motion Graphic & Animated Video Production or would like to get a cost for your project, please get in touch